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What's this bit?

The practice can't be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On this section of the website we will publish advice clips that you can access 24/7 if you're not sure whether there's something not right and you want to know if you need to book an appointment for when we're next open.


This isn't meant to replace the way we normally work, Doctors and Nurses speaking to patients and families- it's another tool to hopefully give you the information to make the right decision when you need to make it.


The advice in the clips cannot be tailored to your specifics but we will try and cover general issues that would prompt some kind of action in the short term while waiting for a routine or an on-the-day appointment with one of our staff. With that in mind if you have any suggestions for clips you would find useful, please get in touch through the practice manager.


We will continue to update the clips available over time...

When Should I Worry? Sepsis in children

Dr Hynes discussing the When Should I Worry leaflets available in surgery, with introductory clip. (Advice content starts from 2:20)

The Clip has won the Royal College of General Practitioners' Midland Faculty Award for Quality in GP Training & Education (2016)

More importantly, Parents and Carers have found the content useful!