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Practice Survey 2020

It's survey time of year, and here's what our respondents thought of their experience in the surgery, with responses taken in January to March 2020.

Thankfully the results continue to show again that the surgeries are above the average for Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG, and improving compared to last year.


We're delighted to announce we have scored higher than the CCG average in every question in this year's survey, a great credit to the hard work of our staff and your responses in the survey were very much noticed and appreciated.


The full results and comparisons of this surgery against others is available on the author's website:

Comparing Similar-sized Sandwell Surgeries

We have taken screenshots comparing the responses for the practice against two other Sandwell Surgeries with similar numbers of patients and staff (>10,000 patients).

These are the same surgeries as seen in last year's comparison figures.

As we compare quite well with those practices, we've anonymised their names but would be happy to let you in on the secret if you'd like proof that they are indeed local services!

We're improving across all areas here, while still juggling the difficulties faced by staffing both sites of our split-site surgeries:

  Our score in 2020 Our score in 2019
% of patients who find it easy to get through to this GP practice by phone 60% 56%
% of patients who find the receptionists at this GP practice helpful 90% 84%
% of patients who are satisfied with the general practice appointment times available 72% 63%
% of patients who usually get to see or speak to their preferred GP when they would like to 37% 21%

Big improvements again here. For comparison, here are the surgery scores from this year compared to last year:

  Our score in 2020 Our score in 2019
% of patients who were offered a choice of appointment last time they tried to make a general practice appointment 67% 55%
% of patients who were satisfied with the type of appointment they were offered 74% 66%
% of patients who took the appointment they were offered 95% 87%
% of patients who describe their experience of making an appointment as good 74% 55%

Unlike last year when 64% waited 15 minutes or less after their appointment time to be seen, this year more of you are waiting longer. That's the bad news, apologies.

However you're still telling us 88% of you are getting a healthcare professional giving you enough time during your appointment.

We're still above the local and national averages for our listening skills, down from last year's 98% but still scoring highly at 94% this year.

We're maintaining treating you with care and concern this year, 94% this year much the same as last year's 95%.

It was always going to be difficult to reach last year's figure of 99% for involving you as much as you wanted about care and treatment, but we're still performing at the national level at 92%.

The same applies for the confidence and trust, last year scoring 98% but this year maintaining a national level at 94%

We're very pleased that our score for recognising and understanding any mental health needs during your appointment scored 88% compared to only 73% this year- this was our main focus following last year's review of the results.

We're still hitting 95% of respondents feeling thier needs were met during their last general practice appointment

And finally...

For Overall experience we're bucking the local trend, improving on last year's score of 80% where others have seen their scores decrease in 2020.

We're delighted to have 92% agree that they've had enough support to help manage their long-term conditions in this brand new survey question.

Thankyou for your responses.

It's a hard year for many of us and we don't take your kind views for granted.