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Patient Survey 2021

It's been a challenging year, and here's the results of patient's views from January to March 2021, with 126 surveys returned from 418 sent by Ipsos MORI (Completion Rate 30%).

The results were published in July 2021 on


This survey was conducted in the context of increased rates of remote consulting, the challenges of ongoing health problems in the middle of a global pandemic, the NHS under strain while administering three quarters of the largest national vaccination campaign in history.

Comparing Similar-sized Sandwell Surgeries

We have taken screenshots comparing the responses for the practice against two other Sandwell Surgeries with similar numbers of patients and staff (>10,000 patients).

These are the same surgeries as seen in last year's comparison figures.

As we compare quite well with those practices, we've anonymised their names but would be happy to let you in on the secret if you'd like proof that they are indeed local services!

The figures shown are the unweighted results of responses, meaning the actual results, rather than weighted data that has been adjusted to show data as if all patients had responded.

It's hard getting an appointment at the moment isn't it?

We feel it too.

We want to be providing the service that's required and get you the care you need. We're still being asked to ensure our vulnerable patients are protected by keeping as much social distancing as possible in the waiting rooms, cleaning the rooms after each face to face consultation while still providing staff for COVID vaccinations. This has put an extreme pressure on our ability to provide the quantity of appointments required, as demand for healthcare increases, so the simple maths is we haven't had the ability to keep pace with increased demand and reduced supply. We feel bad about this, and as you can see our other colleagues in similar sized practices are also struggling.

Our numbers doing better than similar-sized surgeries doesn't make this okay, but we understand the context for larger surgeries with higher patient populations and appointment demand.

The one upside of remote consulting has meant we can offer more availability of appointments with your preferred GP, with our score for this question maintained from 2020 results.

We're surprised to see that our scores here are an improvement on pre-pandemic 2019 scores, with scores before the pandemic being 55%, 66%, 87% and 55% for each of the four questions above.

We'd like to improve your experience of Making an Appointment and the increased availability of face-to-face appointments in 2021 compared to 2020 will help.

We will aim to accommodate your choice or preference of appointment.

If it suits you to have a remote consultation by phone or video to save booking time off work, we can do this. If face-to-face would be preferred or is clinically more appropriate, then we can bring you in.

Feedback on Patient Experience of Appointment

With a greater proportion of remote consultations we were worried this would impact on the quality of your experience with us. Maintaining confidence, trust and quality care through more remote consultations takes time and commitment.

We're glad to see that we remain above the local (CCG) average for each of these questions, and we're particularly proud that mental health needs are being met above local and national averages, as we recognise the value and impact of mental health.

Thankyou once again for your feedback in 2021. It's not clear at this point how much longer the pandemic will continue for, but we remain committed to providing continuing high quality of care in extremely challenging circumstances for General Practice and the NHS.


We very much appreciate your kindness and look forward to working alongside our patients to get the best care available. We'll get through this pandemic together.