Horseley Heath Surgery Tandon Medical Centre
Horseley Heath Surgery Tandon Medical Centre

Statement of Purpose

In 2015-16 representatives of the practice attended training on identifying what our surgeries should be doing- our overall vision and what values are important to us. This is important to establish in order to ensure everything we do holds to these values, to provide the best care for patients by providing the same level of compassion and respect for our staff.


We've been here a while and we don't experience staff changes that often- this is something we highly value as experience and knowledge of our population through continuity of care enables us to provide the high level of clinical care you have fed back to us in patient questionnaires.

It's one of the key aspects of General Practice: the privilege of getting to know our patients and their families.

...The level of patients' trust is a privilege to be earned,

Maintained by our actions, Satisfaction is returned...


Our Values

The following were the 6 values our Practice Manager, Practice Nurse and General Practitioner identified as most important to the way we approach work:



Awareness & willingness to help others


Hope and confidence of success


The ability to respond to change


Doing things reliably and in the same way


Inspire & support achievements


Everyone treated fairly and equally

Our Vision

We aim to provide General Medical Services to our patients in our practice areas to the highest level of clinical competence within a responsive culture, seeking to involve and engage with our patients to maintain and improve services. We pride ourselves on embracing innovation in an ever-changing and financially challenging health service, keeping up-to-date, encouraging and welcoming feedback and suggestions to work with our staff and patients.

Safety of our patients & staff, with quality of care will be our priorities in our day-to-day work.


We aim to ensure wherever possible that our staff and patients should, as a result of a positive experience, feel better on leaving our buildings than when they arrived.

...While there are those who tinker or tailor, or tender or interfere,

We sit with the patient and their family, right here.

We listen, devise plans for best care, (all for free),

And we've grown an understanding, that family and me...